March 31-April 2, 2023
MorningStar Lodge
Moravian Falls, NC.
March 31-April 2, 2023
MorningStar Lodge
Moravian Falls, NC
Rise Up. Be Transformed. Live Your Dream.
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Countdown Is Over - The Destiny Weekend Has Begun!
Break Free
Use assessment tools and coaching methods alongside with spiritual activation to be transformed.
Craft your signature strengths into a platform that will take you into your assignment using practical steps.
Dive into God's presence, refresh your soul and spirit, relax your body and enjoy the beautiful mountains.
Connect with kingdom-minded friends and leaders from all over the world and become part of the KBA tribe.
“I was searching for months for a gathering to help me out of a stagnant place, both personally and professionally. I am renewed and my bondages that were holding me back were broken."
"I appreciate meeting everyone and the divine connections that I encountered. I can feel the follow through in prayer as well and appreciate the prayer that went into this event as a huge success!"
- Uncover and break free from hidden constraints
- Discovering Your Signature Strengths
-Gain clarity and set the course for your assignment
-Develop action steps towards your convergence
-Recalibrate your financial, spiritual, and personal plan
-Break free from the Tyranny of the urgent and the stranglehold of the unimportant
- Set a sustainable path where your passion, skill, and god-given calling come together
- Revealing profiles designed to help you bust through your personal constraints

“Showed me how to clear my mind of everything and be totally engaged in my now. Examining my state of mind showed me what areas I was agreeing with the enemy keeping me bound. I could say more detail about everything, the bottom line is I was transformed into a butterfly. :)”
"This week should have been the most stressful week of my business year, but turned out to be one of the best ever. 
I took something away ... I did not anticipate; an anointing from each of you, along with the Holy Spirit's deposit. It changed everything.  The way I interacted with customers, employees, and family members was out of His love. It was genuine and effortless. It changed the atmosphere! No joke! Whatever was deposited in me in Moravian Falls was brought home and shared."

"All of the important relationships I have right now, came directly or indirectly from the people I met during this weekend." 

If you're feeling a passion for walking in the fullness of your assignment and you just won't settle for less and you have a strong desire to transition from the normal to the extraordinary, this event is for you.
This event is limited to 40 individuals to provide intimate access to the presenters and interaction through personal one-on-one time. The event is designed to help you craft your signature strengths into a platform that will take you into your assignment using practical steps.
>> Be Transformed — One Weekend Can Change Everything. <<
“I just want to give testimony to the impact this weekend had on us… there have been some amazing breakthroughs in many areas.”
Meeting Times
EDT Times Listed Below, Schedule Subject to Change
Friday, MARCH 31
Registration - 4:00pm
Dinner - 6:00pm
Session - 7:00pm
Saturday, APRIL 01
Breakfast - 8:00am
Session - 9:00am
Lunch - 12:00pm
Session - 1:30pm
Dinner - 5:30pm
Session - 7:00pm
Sunday, APRIL 02
Lunch and Checkout
Breakfast - 8:00am
Session - 9:00am
Lunch and Checkout - 12:00pm
"What a great group you all are! Loved all the sharing of the amazing things you are doing. Wow. I'm going to be chewing on all of it and sharing. Thank you Dave...for the wonderful input and your prayers! Thank you, Sarah and all the staff, for serving us."
“Our time we had with Dave seemed to be perfect and as the Lord planned it. Great job and outstanding event!”

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If purchased separately:
-Sessions   $800
-Books       $50
-Materials $150
-6 Meals    $150        
-Lodging    $350
would be $1500
You pay: $1500

$799.00 per person
$1499.00 per couple
Registration includes: 
-all meals
Also included! Development profiles and review. 

"Having hosted over 40 sold-out weekends, the feedback I get about the lives that have been changed and the lasting relationships , people finding their assignment, overcoming personal constraints, makes this one of the most productive and exciting things I do professionally.  This is, hands down, my top pick for the most important event I do."
- Dave Yarnes
“I honestly do not think that there is anything that you could have done to make that weekend any better than what it was for me.”
Moravian Falls - A LOcation with Inheritance
Why we choose this location.... 

In 1752, in the backwoods of North Carolina the Moravians purchased a tract of almost 100,000 acres . The name of the tract became known as Wachovia. In 1766, they established the town of Salem (meaning “peace”) in N.C.
The Moravians established a rooted community with strong values and stable trade. They continued their legacy of 24 hour prayer and worship centers that were started in Eastern Europe by their ancestors. Their prayer and missionary spirit still has effect in the foothills of North Carolina where today many ministries have established their home bases.

This ‘Moravian Lamp Stand’ is a term which came out of Count Zinzendorf and the Moravians 24 hour prayer meeting on Aug 26, 1727. It lasted for 100 years and MorningStar's piece of property was included in that prayer meeting.

People from around the world come here to access the inheritance of the prayers and angelic activity - Moravian Falls is known as the second most angelic portal in the world, Mount of Olives being number one.
“We are embracing the paradigm shift that is taking place and transition that we are in.“
Pictures From Previous Weekends
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